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2010-01-03 12:28:36 by GreyGreySilver

Hope it be good.

I was hit by a car.

2009-05-20 16:22:54 by GreyGreySilver

On monday, I was going to get bagels. I look to see if I had the Walk sign; I did. The car had a Green Light and hit me. I can't really remember how I landed, but someone said I banged my head. I got home today. I have a head ache and feel like crap. I have to wear a brace for 2 weeks.

So, I am not sure if anyone cares, but I wanted to share that.

I need a Programmer for the Power of 3 game. I already have DGF-Azazel on music. All I need is a proggrammer. PM or right a comment if you are interested or want to see what the idea is. PLEASE HELP!

3rd Place? NICE!

2009-04-06 15:21:40 by GreyGreySilver

I got 3rd place in the Munny contest. I am really amazed that I got placed. I really like some of the others that were great. Everyone who participated did x-treamly amazing.


You are awsome!

3rd Place? NICE!

Any help would be nice.

2009-03-28 11:31:04 by GreyGreySilver

I need help with back ground for my Pico day Flash. I suck at back grounds.

At the bottom is what I got. If anyone could help, that would be awsome.

Any help would be nice.


2008-11-26 23:52:50 by GreyGreySilver

Hi I am knida new.


Sooo yeah. Hope I have a great time here.